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Happy Fabulous Friday!

Today I am going to blog about why I love working at wedding barns and other various venues like them. Someone actually asked me if I do it because I lived on a farm, Do I wear cowboy boots or if I was born in a barn...ha ha
Ah-No, No and No.

The real reason I like to work at wedding barns (and like places) is because these venues attract my target client, the laid back, fun-loving couples looking for creative freedom on their wedding day which then leads to nontraditional and unique weddings....(hello back to me here) and those weddings produce amazing photos.

Here's a few other reasons YOU may also love this location idea for your own wedding:
  • They have an exterior with tons of photos areas: fields, open meadows, back roads, small lake, woods, & farm pasture
  • A venue where you can choose the caterer or food , beverage choice, and music. You could serve fillet Mignon or hot dogs, Kool-aid, beer or champagne, have a 4 piece string quartet or plug in an ipod..whatever you choose, whatever the budget!
  • An intimate setting  where your family & friends can relax, play yard games and get to know each other, and they'll remember for years to come.
  • Free of time lines and no hands on coordinators. 
  • Decorating freedom, a barn or outdoor wedding is a clean slate and you can make it your own.
  • Inside ceremony, outdoor reception or vice versa you have a choice!
  • An all inclusive location, no traveling between, no downtime, your guests all in one place for the whole day. This also means saving money if you can choose a smaller package from vendors say a photographer (like me) who offers packages by hours, for a one-location barn wedding 6 hours would be perfect! 
  • Lighting. Beautiful, natural, non-artificial light from the great outdoors.
  • Ceremony time isn't determined by anyone or thing other than the two of you, you can have a 1pm ceremony or 7 pm evening ceremony! 
  • Bring in your own officiant, whatever your beliefs. 

Please see my posts on Wisconsin and surrounding area barn/farm and other cool outdoor wedding venues HERE and HERE.

Wisconsin Barn Wedding

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