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This time of year is not only filled with weddings for me but engagements and family sessions. People ask alot what to wear for a session, I love to give my insight on this! Although I feel if your comfortable in what your wearing and feel great then you will look great. 

So Rule #1 you better be comfy, ditch the stilettos and uncomfortable pants, skirt what have you. Better to be comfy.

Rule # 2 don't be afraid of color, I don't mean neon color but blacks and whites are flat and don't photograph  as well.

Rule #3 don't wear something thats not totally 100 % you because you seen it on someone else or in a magazine, it's gotta be YOU and your style. 

Rule # 4 Go big or go home, don't be safe and boring.  Accessorize! and by that I don't mean blingy earrings, I mean fun, colorful scarves and belts, cool shoes or hats, raybans! 

Rule # 5- Don't match. Even your color scheme doesn't have to "go" together. Everyone is their own person, kids too. Show your personality! 

For some excellent visual ideas and to see colors/outfits in photos go to my Pinterest "Please Wear" board. I continually try to add new ideas here. Here's the link: PLEASE WEAR

I loved Darren & Jen's outfits, comfortable and so "them" Darren's worn in flannel is perfect and Jen in mustard yellow and stripes- too adorable. Can't wait for this couples September wedding to get here!!
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