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Hello Friday Lovers! 

I had a rough week of being terribly sick along with my husband and littles and if your a mom you know moms do not get sick days. While my husband lay on the couch with his hand backwards on his forehead speaking what he acted as if to be his last words, I looked around at my somewhat...nevermind TOTAL complete and utter disaster of a home and my two snot-nosed boys and thought "it's not a myth-mom's really do not get sick days but I have to remember I can't do it all" I had dishes piled up, stacks of laundry, diapers to change, kids to snuggle with and read to, a husband to get Kleenex and tea for, a puppy to let out, mail to pick up, emails to return, editing to be finished, the list went on and on. A human can only do so much.  

Life is a balance.

I know your thinking end the sob story- What am I getting at? Here goes:

It seems I get a ton of awesome inquiries for sessions around the end of July/ early August. By this time of year my calendar is bursting at the seams and I am scratching my head thinking how am I going to do it all AND go to our annual summer events like our family dells day and Brewer game and camping in additional to all of our little daily activities like playing outside, walks, bike rides, and movies. The truth is my family is my whole life and I "carve out" time for photography but sometimes that carved out time overflows, I have to remember 

Life is a balance

The truth is 6 years ago almost to the day, I started taking sessions and would take any session I could get my hands on and I wanted to learn and grow and absorb. However, I was 6 years younger and minus 2 children. My life has changed. 

I am a people pleaser and can barely get out the word "NO" but I am getting better at it.  If we didn't connect and get a session scheduled this year, I'm really sorry. I book sessions around 6 months in advance to keep my calendar organized. So keep that in mind for next year. I also focus on my return clients, they get first dibs.   I hope everyone can understand that. 

I do post mini-session dates and reminders when I am filling up on my Facebook business page found HERE. Please follow for all updates and recent work postings. 

If your looking for a photographer just drop me a line, I am happy to refer you to some fabulous local friends of mine. 

Have a fun and fabulous weekend! 105C9118

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