Ashley & Brandon Engaged

I met Ashley and Brandon on a Sunday when the weather was "iffy" for July chilly, windy, raining...but in between all of that there was sun and blue skies. I loved chatting with Ashley about wedding plans, I can tell this couple has a very similar outlook on weddings and life in general as I do. Everything she said I would nod and be like "exactly" and I truly meant it, we are on the same page and I couldn't be happier they chose me to be their wedding photographer. Here's a few faves, a few adorable outtakes from our country session. storyboarded-3 storyboarded-9 These two were so easy to work with, all they wanted were natural photos and all I want to take are natural photos so Viola! storyboarded-5 storyboarded-6 storyboarded-2 storyboarded-4 And Hank too! storyboarded-1

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