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This weeks post is inspired by the last 2 weeks worth of wedding inquiries. It must be the week to book a wedding photographer for 2014 because my inbox working overtime and I couldn't be more thrilled to hear from these wonderful couples.

I have been getting a ton of questions from them which I love and I love to discuss back and forth my role and what to expect of me and what I should expect from them, the discussion is open and honest and in the end it may work out and it may not but either way I appreciate being able to come to that conclusion together, openly. 

Here are some of my top 10 most asked questions, I thought I would share with all of you this lovely Friday, after all you may be looking for a photographer and that is why you here :)

(this is a long one, I named it One Frame Friday not one paragraph friday hee hee)

#1.How far in advance should we book you?
I'm booking about 1 year to 15 months in advance this year and the last 2 years. Right now I have 5 2014 weddings on the books 

#2. What type of dress photographs the best?
Well, this is a tough one. I believe that if you feel comfortable and beautiful in what you wear it will show in the photos. In saying that, my personal preference and what I feel really makes a wow factor on photos is texture and movement. These two things are easily seen on photographs both portrait and candid. I love to see textures like lace, tulle or interesting textured skirts on dresses  and flowy, naturally moving dresses always look amazing in photographs. Although beading, bling and sparkles are popular pick for wedding gowns and are very beautiful I feel its hard to pick up that detail in photographs on an actual wedding day versus in a studio with special lighting and shot for magazines.

#3. Why do you do so many barn weddings? do you shoot anywhere?
Yes- Of course I will shoot anywhere, as long as the couple and I connect and "get" eachother the location falls into place. However, I am best suited for outdoor or well lit venues such as barns, farms or outdoor locations. I love outdoor wedding venue type weddings because not only can the couple have creative control but me as well over the day rather than subject to rules and policies of indoor locations.

#4. What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I use canon equipment. I have a Canon 5d  & 5D mark III cameras, 50 1.2, 35 1.4, 135l, 24-70mm, 100 mm macro.

#5. Do you use a flash?

Yes and NO, I have a speedlite that I use in churches or reception sites. I use it rare and on and as needed basis only. I prefer natural light, so I try to find and use that at all times. I do not use off camera flash/ artificial lighting or equipment of that caliber. If your wedding is at night or all indoors in a dark venue and you do not prefer outdoor photos, I may not be the photographer for you. Most of my photos will be outdoors including wedding party, family and couple photos regardless of weather. 

#6. Should we do a first look?
Sure- if you want to. For me, the reaction of bride and groom seeing eachother varies, sometimes the first look is more intimate and emotional- they are alone and not seeing each other in front of everyone. Not having a first look builds excitement and people love that idea. Either way works for me but if I had a preference I would chose a first look because for me ( a vendor) its makes the timeline of day go much smoother, we can have all photos done before the ceremony leaving all afternoon and evening  to the bride and groom and relieving them of all of the "must do photos". 

#7. How many photos do I get?
You can always assume you will recieve about 50 photos per hour, so an 8 hour wedding package you can look forward to around 400 photos.

#8. Should I add a second shooter?
No, you do not have to add a second shooter, I normally bring an assistant to support me but I feel completely comfortable being the sole shooter. If you want more coverage and a different perspective than go ahead and add a second shooter.

#9. Are your hours consecutive?
Yes, one million percent yes.

#10. Do you travel for weddings
YES. I love to travel anywhere as long as I am able and available I will travel anywhere including destination weddings and I have a killer package for them (yay! please take me somewhere!)

If you have wedding photography questions for me please shoot me an email at: with the subject "wedding photography" I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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