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I'm not sure where to begin here, I am almost at a loss for words on how to describe this day. No matter how eloquent I write, or or vivid I describe or even if my photos were the very best photos I could have taken it still would not begin to portray this day as it was to live it. But I will try. 

Here's just a preview of the day.

When my friend Theresa and I arrived we checked out the place and met Laura and her mom and bridesmaids, they were so excited we were there and we were so excited to be there, I instantly felt welcome and part of the family. We walked around the property and started taking it all in. storyboarded-5
Laura and Tone are from Boston, they have been dating for 7 years now. Laura and Tone planned a wedding on Laura's parents farm where she grew up. She got ready in her childhood bedroom with her sister and close friends. Her parents were so welcoming everyone to their home and property for this event. I can't even tell you how happy they all were. The smiles on all of their faces were so genuine and full. They were so simply happy to be there this lovely day, all together at home. 
storyboarded-6 storyboarded-8 storyboarded-9 storyboarded-10 Oh, this place. storyboarded-3 storyboarded-7 105C2889
Laura's Saja dress was no heavier than a T-shirt on a hanger. It was one of my most favorite dresses to date. Simply beautiful and fitting for a backyard wedding. storyboarded-12 storyboarded-11 storyboarded-14 storyboarded-13 storyboarded-15 storyboarded-16 105C3057
Perhaps my most favorite weddings involve a farm or barn of some sort, more so in the great outdoors, with freedom to roam around and take it all in. The Betinis Farm could not have been a better backdrop for a wedding, I even joked to Laura's mom how they should make it into a wedding venue...(we all know 50% of jokes are true, that way we can say what we want without feeling vulnerable.) This farm was beautiful, Ceremony on the hilltop, cocktail hour in the barn that they turned into this adorable social area with hay bail seats and tables, a special drink "commit-mint" and yes, i tried it and would have had many more if I didn't have to drive back home. The dinner and reception in a tent with the most amazing food and band playing. 
storyboarded-17 storyboarded-18 I'm sharing quite a few of this walk with Laura and her Dad but it was a slow stroll, and just adorable- they really took it all in. I loved this moment and feel maybe sometimes this moment gets overlooked at weddings. I was glad Laura and her dad took their time. storyboarded-3 storyboarded-20 105C3110 storyboarded-21 storyboarded-22 storyboarded-23 storyboarded-4 storyboarded-25 storyboarded-30 storyboarded-29 storyboarded-28 storyboarded-27 storyboarded-26 105C3450 storyboarded-32 storyboarded-41 storyboarded-33 storyboarded-34 105C4082 Laura: " We did it! We really did this!" storyboarded-38 storyboarded-39 storyboarded-40 storyboarded-37 A + L Farm Wedding 5 storyboarded-56 storyboarded-58 Laura + Tone Farm wedding 10x15 storyboarded-35 storyboarded-42 storyboarded-4 storyboarded-36 storyboarded-57 storyboarded-43

Perhaps my very favorite parts of the day including the music chosen. During the ceremony they played a hymn and put the words on the back of the programs, everyone stood and sang along and it was BEAUTIFUL, not to mention this group can REALLY sing. Then later Anthony gave Laura her "gift" in the form of a song he wrote for her and played on the piano at the dinner. After that her sister Abby and maid of honor gave her lovely heart-felt speech that brought tears to my eyes (I often do cry at weddings but this one really got me) and then burst into song, a song from their childhood, you may know it-the chorus goes like this: "Love grows, one by one Two by two and four by four Love grows 'round like a circle And comes back knocking at your front door." Everyone in the tent rose, held hands in a circle and sang this song around the bride and groom. 

It gave me chills, good ones that makes my heart warm and makes me stop and think, How is it possible I get to witness this. This truly genuine and beautiful moment never to be forgotten by anyone in the room including me. 

storyboarded-44 storyboarded-46 storyboarded-48 storyboarded-45 Sisters. storyboarded-47 storyboarded-49 storyboarded-50 storyboarded-52 storyboarded-51 storyboarded-53 storyboarded-54 storyboarded-55 It's a constant reminder to me and hopefully to all of you how important family, friends and marriage is. Wedding days go so very fast, everything just keeps moving even if you stand still. So make sure your day is full of love, that is the most important part of the day, not all that other stuff. 

I had not met Laura and Tone before this day and as I told her mom at dinner "I'm so happy to know you all". I will probably never see this lovely couple again but I will never forget this meaningful wedding full of happiness and love. It will truly go down as one of the greats. Thank you all for having us!

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