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This is one of my most favorite projects I have ever done.

Last September I walked into this room (touring for a different event) and inspiration hit me right in the face, I knew I wanted to shoot here and I knew what I wanted it to look like. I need more personal projects like this to feed my creativity. 

I wanted classic and romantic with a touch of rustic. I wanted to show you my style and my thoughts and inspiration. I love a barn wedding with burlap and mason jars, but it was important to me to show something different to all of you. I think simplicity is lost at a wedding, I wanted to show that simple and classic is gorgeous and effortless beauty wins.

I gathered some fabulous people to help me put this together and I honestly couldn't be happier with this project. This is so me and what I am inspired by, it was seamless to put this together because I think it as meant to be, everything fell right into place and it was a gorgeous day. 

Enjoy the photos, gather some ideas, please click on the links below and check out these vendors that made this possible, and lastly if this style matches yours or it inspires you, let's chat. 
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Days like this do not happen without being surrounded by absolute talent. 

Below is a list of the people who made this shoot happen. My friend and colleague Krystal Muellenberg helped with this inspiration, the ideas, the decor, the couple. I have known her for just about 7 years (she was my wedding photographer) and 3 pregnancies, none of which will keep her from standing on a chair or dumpster to get the shot she wants. storyboarded-13 A little behind the scenes: storyboarded-23storyboarded-16
Miss Holly Roll of Tres Chic Salon in Wi Dells, WI was absolutely Fabulous. She really understood the vision and ran with it, I love the look she came up with for Cristina and the dresses.

Wild Apples, Baraboo WI, they never ever disappoint, I sent them photo ideas of the shoot and when she brought in the garland I almost dropped. Absolute perfection. I really believe in their work and will continue to recommend these girls to anyone for their wedding day. 

The couple- Cristina and Nick- I couldn't of dreamed of a more perfect couple for this project. I am so glad to meet and work with these two, Cristina was breathtaking in each and every gown and Nick was her perfect match.

Production Assistant, Miss Allisa Rooker was kind enough to assist us for the day, she was a staple for us, she has an extreme attention to detail and is a perfectionist, we couldn't have put this together without her help. 

Kimberly FitzSimons- Invitation Suite, Menu and Escort Cards were provided by Kimberly FitzSimons, She is a talented and busy woman who was happy to work with us on this project when others wouldn't, her products speak for themselves, I would suggest you look into a professional for your invitation and paper needs, her letterpress is unmatched. 

Saja Gowns- New York, Kyra at Saja was so accommodating for this shoot, She let me, Allisa and Krystal choose whatever gowns we wanted, we decided to keep it at 3 only but that was a very hard choice. These are amazing gowns, their new line is gorgeous. They are light and comfortable to wear, affordable and forever classic.

A La Crate Vintage Rentals- Sugar Mold, cake stand, Escort Card display, Glass bottles, candle holders, vintage china and tableware, this company has got to be a must have for any bride planning a wedding, we walked into their store wide-eyed and in awe. The possibilities are endless and its affordable and easy to rent items from them. You would be really surprised at what you can do with a few items and also check out their custom signage. Check out online or do yourself a favor and stop inside their store and let your imagination run just like mine did. 

Baraboo Arts Center- Let us use this room that sparked so much creativity in me. They have 3 large venue spaces for any event. Abby, the manager is spectacular. If your looking for a wedding in the area this place has a ton of potential for you.

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