One Frame Friday | Happy Valentines Day!

Ah! I'm currently in Florida with my 3 valentines soaking up the sun.  I just wanted to send you all a shout out...Happy Valentines Day Lovers! I am sure this Valentines Day for me will go down as one of the greats, although my hubby and I aren't doing anything uber romantic alone, we are still together and we're going to show our love for eachother and our boys. 

Ok, so some believe Valentines Day is a hallmark holiday, a way to make you spend oodles of money, too commerical, overdone, blah blah blah...but not me, I think...Who cares?!?!  

I think some people take life too seriously, it's one day a year, buy your girl some flowers, make your man a card or go to dinner together. It doesn't have to be expensive but what's the point of overlooking it?  Doesn't anyone remember making a valentines mailbox out of a kleenex box? covered in pink hearts and glitter and waiting for it to get filled with those teeny little valentine cards with barbie or matchbox cars on them? 

Yay Love! 

This shot is from an Inspirational Shoot I shot last weekend with a great group of talented people, when I return I will be putting together probably one of my favorite blogposts ever! I can't wait to share this shoot with you all, until then have a wonderful weekend! 


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