One Frame Friday | Photography for Happy People

I read a blog the other day, "Photography for Adults" I thought, that's pretty cool, it's not exactly my style but I get it and I am sure that photographer draws in the right clients who also get it. 

Then I thought, what word would I use to describe my kind of photography-clients? Photography for fun, cool people? Photography for the anti-bridezilla? Photography for the fun-loving couple? Photography for laid back couples? Photography for hip people getting married in the great outdoors? Photography for couples who dance to the beat of their own drum?.... Kind of wordy. 

So then it hit me, its simple.  Photography for Happy People. Yes, that's what it would be. Stylish, classic, rustic, hippie doesn't matter, what matters is that my clients are Happy People.

Happy to get married, Happy to be alive, Happy to gather with their friends and family, Happy for the imperfect, Happy to have genuine photos of their day, Happy People.

So far in my 5 years of photographing weddings, I have had some of the Happiest People in the world. Let's keep it that way eh?

Here's some happy 2013 couples....
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