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Friday, my favorite day of the week even though I am working all this weekend but its the last weekend of work until January 11th (my next wedding) so I am looking forward to the grand shut down around here, probably a lot of unplugged time, I'm closing my online proof gallery because I wont be placing orders during Christmas (hint hint...order now) I will be scheduling my One Frame Fridays for those of you who watch the blog, I won't let you down ;)

I was talking to a bride tonight, she is planning an upcoming Napa Valley CA wedding....(eeep!) and we have been talking awhile, she had gone through so many different wedding ideas, elope, full wedding, small wedding full reception, etc.. Nothing really formed a shape for her until now, as we talked tonight she finally sounded at peace with the wedding, she seemed excited and focused like it was meant to be. It sounded so good to hear her content with her decision. 

It got me thinking, couples have different types of weddings for many reasons, but I think ALL weddings are amazing if you enjoy them, you have to make choices when it comes to your big day, church wedding, barn wedding, outdoor wedding, big, small, traditional, nontraditional, so many different ways to go, so many resources and ideas and so much advice and opinions.  How do you choose?

My advice is to do what makes you happy. It may not make sense to your parents or siblings or your best friend but if they see you happy, laughing and enjoying it, so will they. You have to choose a path and own it. Your actions cause a reaction from your friends and family.  No matter what you choose everyone who loves you will be happy if your happy, set the tone, watch the chain reaction, make it the best day ever.

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