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We had a perfect Thanksgiving Day. A lunch at my moms, a dinner in the evening full of people with plates full of food and stories told across the tables. I love catching up with people face to face. Holidays have become the only time we get to see people outside of social media. (I know people down social media a lot but if we didn't have it I wouldn't see or hear about family members ever.) 

My mother in law does it big, she loves to have people fill her house, she decorates so amazing old china, lace table clothes, gourds and pumpkins and she has this old serving trays and heaps of food, she invites everyone and it was a big turn out this year. We made her give a speech (Speech! Speech! Speech!) Ha Ha, she turned it right around on us and made us all say what we were thankful for (which is normal tradition but we seemed to get away from it in the past years) I listened to everyones and I was almsot last, when it got to me all I could think of was to say " I'm Thankful for this dinner you had for us because I want my boys to know what tradition is". I shot from the hip but It came from the heart.

I remember when I was young we had enormous Thanksgiving parties with extended family and we got (non-alcoholic) grasshoppers and there was people everyone, it was warm and loud and we got to stay up late. Those are some of the happiest memories I have and I so want that for my kids but over the years big family gatherings for us have seemed to fade. It scared me to think they wouldn't know how it felt to have those gatherings, to know extended family and to have traditions. 

I was so grateful for this dinner and for everyone getting together. It was a perfect evening. We even have some muscians in the family and they jammed out all night, my kids danced and pretended to play guitars and drums. I didn't take photos, I didn't think up this post longer than the last 3 minutes it took me to type out, but it's a meaningful one to me.

I'm so thankful for these boys and their dad. I'm Thankful for my family and my husbands. I'm Thankful for all of you who come to read my blog and follow my work. I'm so blessed and thankful for all I have I just wonder how long will it all last?


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