One Frame Friday | December, the most wonderful time of the year

So these One Frame Friday's have a method to their madness, a few reasons I decided to start it was because,

  1. - I wanted to keep a better updated blog
  2. - I don't want to rely on Facebook or Twitter for exposure
  3. - To talk all things weddings from a photographer perspective
  4. - To showcase some of my favorite moments at a weddings 
  5. - For you all to get to know *me* better through my ramblings. 

It's a rarity I have a photo taken without my husband or little boys.(My solo photo shoots consist of my 4 year old and an iphone) My Friend Theresa snapped this at a family photo shoot this fall. (My hair is much much much darker now). So here's a little about *me* and my holiday season...

I wrapped up my last wedding of 2013! and only have 4 weeks off until my 2014 Wedding season begins. (I'm savoring these 4 weeks!)

I'm promising to unplug this weekend, we're having friends over this evening for dinner, hopefully watching Christmas Vacation and drinking a bottle of wine at some point, tomorrow baking christmas treats with the boys and making their DIY Gifts for grandmas (thank you Pinterest), Sunday hitting up a Indie Craft Fair in Madison, no doubt to buy myself something.

Next weekend a new adventure! Traveling to Michigan for Christmas, my bro in law has the itinerary all typed up (ha! he's so much like me)I'm excited to hit up some Ann Arbor festivities. Then back home and opening our house for our Annual Christmas Eve gathering (hot toddy in hand + Guesstures and one MEAN game of action Jenga), then Christmas day spent in jammies trying to find each other between the boxes and wrapping paper most likely listening to the movie The Polar Express in the background, we have to watch that movie 500 times according to Teag.

Christmas to me is a feeling. The lights, the music, the movies, cozy nights spent inside watching it snow, the spirit of giving (of course its not all about presents but I looooove to give cool presents!) the spirit of Santa Claus, the silly traditions we do, Teag's first Christmas program that is guaranteed to make me cry proud tears. I have a list of 25 very realistic Christmasy-things we do ever year. I feel blessed to love Christmas like I do. (Sorry Grinches) There is so much to love about this season but most importantly its the gatherings with family and friends, and our beliefs that make it my most favorite time of year.

Did you care for a play by play of my month? no. But you got one and maybe j-u-s-t maybe you know me a little better? or maybe you will agree...

December, you are my favorite.


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