One Frame Friday | Even walls fall down

"Time is like an hour glass glued to the table" - Anna Nalick

This sunday we will celebrate our 6th anniversary. Which means we have been together for nearly 10 years...WHAT?! and We're still madly in love. I can't believe it but what I can believe is couples staying together for 50+ years. I get that now. I was at a wedding (with my husband) and there was this older couple literally having a "dance off" with their son. It was awesome! I said "I so want to be like them", I asked how long they have been married they said "46 years", I said "we're going on 6" and they laughed and said "only 40 more to go". I can see 40 years from now with Jason, he's my best friend (even with the duck dynasty beard) 

Jason was my game changer. I wanted to move away, no tie-downs, I was over relationships, built up walls all around me.....

Even walls fall down. daniellejason (946) Photo by the wonderful Krystal Muellenberg

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