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Happy Friday Ya'll!!  (no I am not from the south but have always wanted to say that) Ahem...back to my post.

I think most of you might relate to this. It's about YOUR part in choosing your wedding photographer.

Like most of my O.F.F. posts I was inspired by a conversation I was having with a friend.

Friend: I want to divorce my husband so I can remarry him and you can shoot the wedding"
Me: Why? you didn't like your photographer?
Friend: NO! The photos aren't my style at all and they had too many drinks at the reception"
Me: "Why'd you hire them?"
Friend: "Because I knew them, and so and so had them"
Me: "Huh"?

Pop Quiz Girls

Did you choose your photographer because:
A. You know them
B. The price was right
C. Their style matched yours

First- You shouldn't hire a friend unless you would like to  NOT be friends after the wedding, and like all things in life you get what you pay for.

The correct answer here is C because the photographer you choose is going to shoot your wedding consistently like all the weddings they shoot. If you have a specific style, color, look or feel in mind and you don't see similarities on your photographers website then you might be going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering Chinese food.

Brides, you have perhaps the BIGGEST part in your wedding photos. If your having a black tie wedding in a skyscraper in Chicago, you may not choose me for your photographer because I do not consistently show black tie weddings in fancy skyscrapers in Chicago. It's simple, apples to apples.

Here's 3 ironclad must for choosing your wedding photographer:

1. Style- You must see yourself in their photos.
2. Dependability- You must hire a professional with experience.
3. Likability- You have to connect- you will be with your photographer on your wedding day more than your new hubby or your mom!

Meet Molly and Chris, a sweet couple I met (and snapped this pic of and later blogged) at a wedding I shot in May 2013 at The Enchanted barn, fast forward 5+ months later they got engaged and found me looking for photographers, after some chatting we discovered who each other were. How's that for connection?? I promised her no gaping open mouth pics on their wedding day ;)
Wisconsin Barn Wedding

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