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No really it is!

I am almost full for 2014! I have 11 fabulous weddings on the books with room for just a few more (maybe 3,4) I had 15 weddings this year and I feel like that is a good balance. I choose weddings the same as they choose me, date, couple, style and venue are all factors. I start a conversation with the couple and find out the details I need to know to decide if I can do right by their wedding. I'm an expectations person. If I can't meet your expectations I believe you should find someone who can and I am happy to help with that. Just recently I took a wedding and after some thought and discussions with the bride, we decided another photographer would be a better fit for her, so the wedding was transfered to the new photographer and I decided to be the second shooter for the wedding. The best fit for the bride.

So right now I have 11 weddings that we thought we would be a good fit for eachother (Couple + Photographer + venue + style) I can't believe it, by September 2013 I was over half full for 2014 and have one officially booked for 2015. The next 2 years are going to be amazing. I can't believe what my little hobby has become. 5 years ago I had 3 weddings a year and I felt overwhelmed. My process, my shooting, my policies, my outlook, everything has changed. Including me. I feel it and I like it.

I love weddings and I love my couples. All of them. Everyone has been wonderful to work with and I plan to continue that relationship with all upcoming weddings. The last couple of years has really paved the way!

This week I have recieved a bunch of wonderful inquiries for 2014, most I have referred to my photographer friends because the date wasn't available. I hate to turn people away especially some of the wonderful couples who have landed in my inbox this week. I promise to refer you to professionals I know and trust.

I know I am a broken record about this, but when you find a photographer you love, don't hesitate! storyboarded-46

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