Barn at Harvest Moon Pond Wedding | Glenn and Valerie's amazing Autumn Gathering | Poynette, WI Wedding Photographer

The grooms father made a speech about great things that happened on October 20th, birthdays (Tom Petty, Snoop Dogg, Mickey Mantle) Events, and good things that happened over the years and now the marriage of Valerie and Glenn. 

Valerie and I met last December over coffee at a roadside diner half way between us when she was home for the holidays. Valerie, originally from Wisconsin, went to college in Madison moved to New York and met her love Glenn who works for a hockey team and is all New York, accent and all. I loved Valerie right away she was real, she was funny and genuine and I knew we would get along just fine. 

As the year passed and I got some glimpses into her wedding plans I became more excited for this day to arrive. It was fabulous. The weather although, cold and rainy outside it didn't change a thing inside. The Barn At Harvest Moon Pond was warmed with friends and family and a crackling fire. Valerie has this infectious giggle and a vibrant personality and Glenn you can see is her rock, her steady and they balance each other so well. 

As a modern couple, they did not uphold most of the typical wedding traditions. But the traditions they chose to share in I feel meant the very most. Valerie really honored Glenn and his family with touches of New York and his Jewish heritage, and also showed off her home state of Wisconsin with so many special "Made in Wisconsin" touches. 

With my friend Krystal by my side, this was our first wedding at this venue and I couldn't have imagined it any better. This barn is not typical "barn" it's the same shape and offers a beautiful rustic feel but its so much more. Then you add Valerie's vision and resources for quite a special day at the barn. The colors, the flowers and greenery, the was spectacular. I can only hope I did it justice through the lens. storyboarded-11 storyboarded-9 storyboarded-1 storyboarded-7 storyboarded-8 storyboarded-15 storyboarded-18 storyboarded-16 They had to leave their beloved bulldog in New York, (best for the pup) but they missed & honored him! storyboarded-10 storyboarded-20 storyboarded-19 "Oh- Just turn around" ~ Valerie storyboarded-2 storyboarded-6 storyboarded-5 storyboarded-3 storyboarded-4 storyboarded-21 storyboarded-33 We just had to get these New Yorkers on a good old tractor...haha storyboarded-22 The inside of this barn is simply amazing. It has so much to offer, Valerie wanted to keep the details to a minimum, I don't think Martha Stewart herself could have done a better job. (Hi Martha!) storyboarded-39 These ribbons?? This ceremony site?? Seriously-you guys! storyboarded-17 storyboarded-35 storyboarded-34 storyboarded-27 This barn, just magic. storyboarded-36 storyboarded-37 storyboarded-31 To Pull off a wedding like this- it takes a village, see a list below of Valerie's amazing vendors. storyboarded-26 storyboarded-29 storyboarded-25 The barn wood walls, real leaves, berries and stained glass windows gave the ceremony such a warm look and feel. storyboarded-1 JUST MARRIED! storyboarded-32 storyboarded-13 storyboarded-14 storyboarded-30 The signature cocktails and appetizers were like none other. All different cheeses made right here in Wisconsin with tags from each local dairy farm, a real honeycomb, different breads, pears, dilly beans, wild bore sausage, Wisconsin bratwurst and sauerkraut, a true ode to Wisconsin. storyboarded-1 storyboarded-38 The yummiest PBJ Wedding cake. storyboarded-28 storyboarded-1 Dinner was served family style, music playing, dishes passing, fire crackling in the words of Krystal "its feels like the grandest Thanksgiving Dinner" storyboarded-12I feel honored to be a part of this day! Congrats to Valerie and Glenn- what a spectacular day. 

Other Vendors:
Custom-made Wedding dress: Jackie's Bridal
Bridal Shoes: J Crew
Day Of Coordinator: Beyond Elegant Events
Florist: Jay Penaflor- Bash Fine Events
Accordian Player: Tom Klein
Band: Hidden Agenda
Caterer: Joel Cheseboro
Invitation Suite: Paper Source 
Second Photographer: Krystal Muellenberg

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