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ahhhh.... Brent and Jenny are the sweetest couple ever and they choose me to photograph their big day. How great is that?! and I love the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, Mn. It's one of those old historic venues that decorates itself. There is so much history, beauty and warmth here I absolutley love it and I was so happy to return to photograph here.

This time I brought some great girls with me, Georgia and Abby were incredible assistants and I just want to thank them both for all the support and great conversations through the day. 

105C9490storyboarded-7 storyboarded-15 storyboarded-10 Jenny was simply stunning, I loved her hair and her dress and that smile she wore all day. storyboarded-2 Their first look. Get the kleenex. This happened. storyboarded-3 storyboarded-1 storyboarded-17 The weather was gorgeous, the venue is breathtaking, the couple is so genuine and in love, what more could I ask for? How about endless time for photos and a willing couple? Done. Jenny was eager for photos at every break of the day, she was not afraid to get dirty or lay down, walk through fields, nothing was stopping this girl. I am so honored I was able to be there to capture this very special day. storyboarded-16 storyboarded-20 storyboarded-4 A Jenny "must have" shot storyboarded-11 storyboarded-21 storyboarded-18 storyboarded-27 storyboarded-24 I love that the couple really incporporated their beliefs into their special day, from the bridemaids praying over Jenny before she was to be married to the most heartfelt and beautiful ceremony I have ever witnessed. And then all of their wedding party said some special words at the dinner. storyboarded-25 storyboarded-26 storyboarded-23 storyboarded-9 storyboarded-14 storyboarded-8 105C2561 storyboarded-6 Sneak away for some alone time and more photos after dinner? Sounds like a plan to me. storyboarded-5 storyboarded-28 storyboarded-12 105C2933 105C2689 When my time was up, Jenny and Brent insisted on leaving their hopping party to walk me out, we hugged and I said I would be in touch, then I seen her dad on my way to the car, he stopped me and said "I just want to thank you for today" and I said "you have a lovely daughter" and he smiled and said "can I get you something for the road? water? trail mix?" I laughed and he laughed and I thought to myself, I must be blessed to come to wedding and photography people as wonderful as these. Every single wedding is another amazing couple and another loving and wonderful family. It gives me hope I told Georgia who assisted me, this job leaves my heart happy and full of hope. storyboarded-13

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