My Friday Frames inspiration this week came right from the mouths of a bride on her wedding day, and a bride to be at her engagement session. I thought what they said was a light bulb moment and really wanted to share with all of you (especially brides to be!) 

"yeah, it's funny when your planning your wedding it seems like you really need all those shots {on a pre-planned shot list from the internet} but come the day of all that really matters is the candid, real moments that are happening all around us" ~Sarah Knudtson married 6/21/15


"I made this skirt because I figured this is our one chance to show our personalities, I wanted something really fun that stood out, I think it's really a give and take with couples and photographers, you get out what you put into it. Good photos don't just happen. I feel a lot of good energy here" ~Maggie to be wed 8/30/14


I also read this article that had so much "ah-ha" moments for brides to be booking a wedding photographer, I think its a really great piece of information, sit down and have a read with coffee! Click this link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wedding Photographer Myths and how to NOT brief your photographer

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