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This time of year for me consists of lots of emails to and from brides regarding their last few months of preparation for their big day. All sorts of questions and ideas are bounced around; one that remains consistent is timeline. 

This is a huge part of your day and varies from one bride to the next. Everyone has different priorities, some brides really want those special moments before she walks down the aisle and other brides want a full coverage of the reception. Some couples want a first look and some do not. I try to help them decide what is best for their day and how they will get the most out of their wedding photography.  Sometimes I give a visual timeline, this is a big hit because they can see how their day will flow. 

A big question is how can we get time for creative photos? I decided to share that with all of you and whenever your wedding day, wherever you get married and whoever your photographer is maybe this will help gauge your timeline a little.

Here’s 2 examples of the same 8 hour wedding with ceremony starting at 4pm:

First Look:
12:00 photographer arrives
12:00-1:00- getting ready photos (hair/make-up, dress hanging, shoes, jewelry), venue, bouquets
1:00-2:00- First Look (photo-fresh!)& couple portraits
2:00-3:00- Wedding Party & Family Portraits
3:00-4:00-breath, relax, last minute touch-ups
4:00- Ceremony
4:30-Receiving Line
5:00-5:30 cocktail hour mingling
5:30- 6:00 Creative Couples Portraits at dusk
7:00 Dance
8:00-Photographer leaves

Now, here’s a look at no first look timeline, you will notice all of the photos will be taken AFTER the ceremony, in shorter amounts of time and also leaving no time for downtime, mingling or creative photos.

NO First Look:
2:00 pm photographer arrives
2:00-2:30-getting ready photos (hair/make-up, dress hanging, shoes, jewelry) bouquet, venue
2:30-3:30 Depending on time bride w/ maids, groom w/ men (?)
4:00- Ceremony
4:30-Receiving line
5:00- 5:30-Family Formals
5:30-6:00- Wedding party, bride & maids, groom & men
6:00-6:30-Couples Portraits
6:30-7:30 Dinner
8:00pm Dance
10pm- Photographer leaves

Of course, this is just 2 ways to look at it, there are endless ways to map out your wedding day timeline, just make sure to  put your priorities in order and save room for creative photos! you'll thank me later ;)


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