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Ok so as these inquiries come in so do many discussions, questions and concerns. A big question I have been getting is, "should we do a first look" and I wanted to share this post with you. There are several posts out there about this, I am sure my content here is similar but my hope is it will clarify more about what a first look really is.

What's a first look?

A "first look" as we call it. A first look is an intimate, meaningful moment between bride and groom, seeing eachother for the first time on their wedding day.

Do I have to do one?

Of course not. I am under your direction and in the end your wishes trump mine, this is your day, not mine. You can choose how you want it to flow. but I think everyone, every couple, every mom of the bride/groom, every bridesmaid, every brother or sister has a different idea of what a first look really, is. It's a very good idea to have a discussion with your photographer about this which is why I wanted to post this.



I think perhaps a first look doesn't sound good until you start to map out your timeline. If you had everything done beforehand you wouldn't have that "lull" between ceremony and reception and making guests wait around while you do photos. And the plus side for most brides (it was for me) was I needed to see my future husband, hug & kiss, it comforted me to see him so we could tackle the day together. Plus- you may even get tears from him!

Also you look you photo-fresh at the beginning of the day too which is a bonus.


If you don't do a first look there are actually a few risks, 1.)Everyone will want to get that grooms reaction, by everyone I mean all of your guests with their cameras, cell phones and ipads potentially blocking your photographers view or photobombing that special moment. 2.) Another risk is if you get married at a church, what is your church policy about photography? flash? no flash? how close can a photographer get? can they come up to the alter? if not, then what? 3.) Lastly, timeline after the cermeony you want to go mingle but you have 90 minutes of photos? and what if you have a 4pm ceremony in October? it will be too dark for great photos by then. Lighting is another risk.
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Bottom line:
You do not have to do anything you don't want to do. I'm sure all photographers feel the same, it's your day and your wishes. But don't rule out the idea, it may make your day easier and more relaxed and making the most out of your time with your photographer!

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