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Should I just rename it "Friday Frames"? I'm clearly abusing what One Frame Friday was meant to be lately but that's alright.

So during winter I have too much time to think.. I have more time to browse blogs and oogle other peoples work and think "these people are out of this world talented" I love that there is a million talented people in the world, don't get me wrong but I am like "how can they be that amazing" and "I have so far to go" and "OMG. do I suck??" and so on and so forth. You get the picture. Not that I am all like pity party me here, no- what I am am trying to get out is sometimes photographers or creatives get too much time on their hands to see what others are doing or to discover new amazing creatives and you play the "If I can't be that amazing, why do I do this" game.

And then I hear the "bing" of my email and I get flooded with inquires, this last week has been insane! and I book 15 weddings and I book 5 weddings for the year in advance and I get an email from Style Me Pretty that I will be featured in February (EEEE!) and I get 3 Thank You cards in 2 days with amazing messages in the mail from past wedding clients and then I get 3 magazines in the mail and I am published in all 3 and I feel like...

"see, right there, that's the reason,  the reason you do this"

Photography found me 6 years + ago and keeps pulling me back in for more. Bottom line, I love it and I love all the people I get to work with, all the places I get to go and all the beautiful wedding days I get to see. Thank you for choosing me.

Yes, there are much more talented, creative, amazing people in the world. But that's OK, the world needs all those awesome people and it also needs little old me.

Little old me has been published in all THREE Wisconsin Bride publications this year! YAY!

Wisconsin Bride, Wisconsin Bride Resource Guide & Minnesota Bride!


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