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A New Year, although change is tough for me most of the time, but I do like new things ;) Does that make sense? I actually cringed a little at the New Year because last year was so good to me. But that's not a positive attitude is it? I wouldn't want to give off any negative energy. So I have to believe that 2014 will be even better! 

I rarely make goals, never resolutions but I do make lists! lots and lots of lists.

Personal List includes:
  • I always pick a room in the house to mini-make-over during winter, little inexpensive make-overs, paint, move furniture, stuff like that.  This year I am painting the entry way and sprucing up the kitchen a little. Outside improvements include new siding and our very own driveway!
  • Simplify! I have the worlds LARGEST garage sale growing in my basement, I want it gone all of it. I already started cleaning out dressers and next up closets. I want less "stuff".
  • Read- lots of books on my "to read" list
  • Craving even more live music- new favorite app is bandsintown- must do more concerts
  • Cook- lots of recipes I want to try, already tried a delicious rosemary chicken and I am hooked!
  • Social Media-I'm not going to pretend I am not going to use it but I did delete social media apps off my phone. I hear so many articles about how bad social media is but it's my community, I'm a home body so I like it but I want it to become a much less important part of my life (I've already started to pull away). And Instagram, I want to use it more for what I want. I am going to use instragram for "insta" pics probably of my kids or places we go and not "set up" photos or upload "dslr" pics. I truly believe some of the people I follow take an hour or more to set up a photo of their morning coffee or mail or what they are eating for lunch. Not me, so if I am using it "wrong" unfollow me ;)

Photography life list includes:

  • Possible brand and new blog - long time coming but I want to be ready and I want it to be right and I need to save up a ton of moola to make it happen. I'm hoping for at least a new blog.
  • Price and Policy changes, gotta be done, probably adding albums to a few packages.
  • Travel and take on new challenges, I turn away weddings I am afraid of...ha ha truly. But I took on some challenges for me in 2014. I also see some traveling on the horizon, hopefully!
  • Send in equipment for much needed cleaning and calibration
  • Possibly selling my old stand by classic 5D and upgrading my 2nd camera to my new sweetheart the Mark III

That is about it because 2013 was really good to me business-wise, it's the year it all clicked, as far as workflow and style goes. I found my balance and although its not perfect I feel more ready than ever for next season.  I think I feel the changes I made in 2013 starting to come around with 5 - 2015 weddings on the books, I feel I am moving in the right direction. So Thank You 2013!

All in all, in both personal and business life I am all about improving. Improving my home, myself, my business and my life. Never stop improving. I love this quote, but I love quotes ;)

“Always be moving forward. Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. The moment you stop improving your organization, it starts to die. Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way”

So CHEERS to the New Year! I'm breaking the One Frame Friday rule, here's a few of my favorite moments of 2013...not favorite pictures, Not "best of 2013" just my favorite moments.

Dani's look at her soon to be husband walking up the aisle to their sweet first dance. (Dani & David 5/18/13)
storyboarded-23 The most amazing sister/maid of honor speech in the history of speeches, it ended with an entire reception full of guests holding hands, swaying back and forth and singing. It truly took my breath away. check out the guy in the background..(Anthony & Laura 8/17/13) storyboarded-11 Glenn & Valerie's first look was priceless...(Glenn & Valerie 10/20/13) storyboarded-19 Heidi & Jay's family is united as one. (Heidi & Jay) 12/7/13) storyboarded-9
Big tough Harley guy in tears, nothing better. (Darren & Jen 9/14/13)
storyboarded-17A stolen moment...(Kari & Kieth 10/13/13) storyboarded-16 A "sing off"  (Eric & Sonnet 11/9/13) storyboarded-7 Emily's shining moment (Emily & Josh 7/21/13) storyboarded-14 Most adorable recessional EVER. (Laura & Cully 9/21/13) storyboarded-5 Sometimes a toast can turn into a roast ;) (Tony & Carrie 7/6/13) storyboarded-12 "Let's Dance" (Derrick & Jenna 10/26/13) storyboarded-4 Run Away with me (David & Shannon 10/25/13) storyboarded-18 A very special and intimate moment ( Brent and Jenny 6/30/13) storyboarded-6 A happy ending (Steve & Katie 6/15/13) storyboarded-24 You wouldn't believe the story that was being told by girls...seriously you wouldn't. (Amanda & Grant 8/3/13) storyboarded-1 Paige & Cory did it right, start to finish with a day full of fun and memorable moments. (Paige & Cory 8/24/13) storyboarded-13

Run with it..(Drew & Britt 6/22/13) storyboarded-21 Thank you all for one of the most fabulous year of my life!

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