One Frame Friday | This Boy

This boy is 4 today. (and he deserves more than 1 frame)

storyboarded-52 This boy loves trucks and tractors.

storyboarded-47 This boy likes singing, pretending and performing.

storyboarded-43 This boy likes baseball, football and hunting just like daddy.

This boy watches over his little brother very closely.

This boy likes movies and popcorn and snuggles.

storyboarded-49 This boy is full of wonder and spirit and has a wild imagination.
This boy has changed my world.

I love this boy more than the flower loves the sun and I tell him that every night when I tuck him in. He is my sunshine when skies are gray. He is the best thing I ever did or not did. 

It's funny when you become a parent everything starts making sense. Happy 4 to my oldest little man, Teag Parker! 

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