One Frame Friday | The Day I stopped being creative

Friday 11/22 already...whose counting down till christmas?

Today I wanted to ramble on about a realization I had this year...

I stopped being creative. Yep, I did.

When I started photography I had this need to be uber creative and artsy and do all these cool "set-ups" and locations but over the past 6 years of shooting sessions and weddings I have found that when I let all that go, I found myself.

Experience has surely changed things for me, I do admire other photographers who have many different styles and techniques and post processing look its always a struggle to narrow down the look and style you want to be as a photographer with endless options and as time has gone by that has started to fall into place for me and I realized there's only one me so I have to find my own way and do my own thing.

What really clicked with me this year is when I started to focus more on my couple and less on creativity and let sweet, genuine moments happen naturally.


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