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Happy Happy Day! Friday is here, this weekend I am taking my kiddos to the pumpkin patch and I have a lovely Sunday wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn with my pal, Krystal. So excited October is in full swing, 4 weddings to go folks!

So last weekend- My Aunt came to visit (we are 6 years apart so she's more like a big sis) and she was telling me about this wedding she attended. Her story was so animated and adorable it went something like this:

Kelli: So, the wedding I went to was amazing. The couple was soooooo adorable and happy all day long and they had these adorable homemade signs everywhere and they got married under a tree and the ceremony was so beautiful and heartfelt, everything was so simple but thats what I loved about it. Then they did this and this and had this and that and and and....It just filled me with joy just being there!!
Me: Giggling
Kelli: ugh! why are you laughing at me?
Me: Kel, I go to like 15+ weddings a year
Kelli: But are they ALL that sweet and genuine? No Way.
Me: Yes way.

Every single weekend I am filled with Joy. Weddings are the happiest day of someone life and there I am witnessing it all. What an honor. Honestly. It makes me happy to be there and hear the laughter, see the happiness, smell the bouquets, taste the cake and feel the love. All 5 of my senses are stimulated and it makes me feel alive.

The Foy's
April 21, 2012


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