Jon + Kelsey Engaged| Moseley's Apple Orchard | Tomah, WI Photographer

storyboarded-1 I was SO excited to meet Kelsey + Jon for the first time. I had a session at Moseley's Apple Orchard so I thought what better place for their session too? We met on what was supposed to be a cold, rainy and yucky day but I must be the ONLY person who appreciates when the weather man is dead wrong because it was the most gorgeous fall morning!!! (actually 30 minutes after I got home from this session a big ugly storm came through) 

I think sometimes a couple isn't sure what to expect when it comes to engagements or any photos really. I try to touch base and let them know it will go fast, I will probably make you do silly things or things that make you think, "no way that was a good shot", you may feel like I didn't get much, yadda yadda but I would never end a session without being 100% confident I have what I need whether its 30 min or 2 hours. 

I think I could have wrapped up Jon & Kelsey's session in about 10 minutes because they were SOOOOOO cute together and loving and happy and it really shows. I am so excited to work with this couple! 

Enjoy a little preview of our time together.... storyboarded-2 storyboarded-13 storyboarded-4 storyboarded-6 storyboarded-5 storyboarded-7 storyboarded-11 Can't wait till next October! It's going to be a wonderful Day! storyboarded-12

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