Sugarland Wedding | Travis & Jennie Engaged | Ishnala, Lake Delton | Dani Stephenson Photography

2014 is just looking better and better, I am loving these uber fun- up for anything couples. Jennie drives a mini cooper, Travis wears work boots, they have a dog named Clooney, they drink PBR, they have great style, they brought me a vanilla latte, they were flexible when I messed up the session dates. I mean, what's not to love about these two? We met pretty early in the morning and I couldn't be happier we did, check out this gorgeous light we had and legit sun flare. I could do backflips that these two chose me to be with them at their wedding at Sugarland next August... 

 Have you been to Ishnala? do. storyboarded-28 storyboarded-1 storyboarded-3 storyboarded-2 storyboarded-4 storyboarded-7 storyboarded-6 storyboarded-5 storyboarded-19 storyboarded-20 storyboarded-21 storyboarded-22 storyboarded-8 storyboarded-9 storyboarded-14 storyboarded-12 storyboarded-15 Dirty Dancing anyone??? storyboarded-16 storyboarded-17 storyboarded-25 storyboarded-26 storyboarded-24 storyboarded-27 storyboarded-29

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