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Yesss....Friday at last, Once again I am gearing up for s super fun wedding tomorrow but before that I get to share a special "One Frame Friday" with you all. 

I have a guest blogger today, Mrs. Jen Barnharst (heavy on the Mrs.) Jen and Darren were married last weekend and her wedding is fresh in her mind, who better to ask questions to??  I asked Jen 5 simple questions about her wedding day that I wanted to share with all of you planning brides.  

Here goes:

1.-What was your favorite moment of the day?

·         I had so many favorite moments of the day…hard to choose- but definitely the first look with Darren, I was so nervous and to see his face and have his arms around me just made me realize how special the day really was!! I also loved looking at the reception site, I wasn’t able to see it completely finished so that was a nice surprise as well.

2-Would you do/suggest a first look to other brides?

         ·            YES! I am a nervous and emotional person, having the first look was so intimate for Darren and I but it also helped calm my nerves.  After the tears were wiped away I was ready to get the celebration started! From that moment I was just completely excited!

3-If anything- what would you have change?

         ·            I might have had just a little more time in between the ceremony and reception… we had everything at the same venue so I wanted it to just go together, but now I wish I would’ve have some more time after the ceremony to take more pictures possibly, talk with more family members, or be able to enjoy the cocktail hour more.

4-What is your BEST piece of advice to planning brides?

         ·            Just go with it!! I am definitely a Type A person- very organized and a control freak! Lol  However, there was something about my wedding weekend that just made me so excited and I just went with it… Something is going to go wrong, someone is not going to show up- but you can’t let it ruin your day, after all you spent that whole time planning your happily ever after! Enjoy your day, it goes way too fast!! Also, have a Personal Attendant!! They are so needed and make your day goes so smooth!! Mine was definitely my go-to-girl, and I wouldn’t have survived the little details that day without her.

5-What did you learn from your wedding that you wish you knew beforehand?

         ·            I would have to say how fast the day really does go, that there isn’t enough time to talk to all of your guests- so having a receiving line really does let you have that little moment with each of your guests… and then how important RSVPs are! If there was any time that I may have had a bridezilla moment it was because of the RSVPs, lol!  I think having a buffet meal has to be much easier, that way you don’t need to have an exact count or what each guest is eating!

storyboarded-24 BIG Thanks to Jen for guest blogging today! Be sure to check out her GORGEOUS wedding on my blog!

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