Wisconsin Barn Wedding | Paige & Cory's Enchanted Barn Wedding | Hillsdale, WI Photographer

It was almost 4 years ago now that I first stepped out of my car at The Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, WI That was 7 weddings ago already. The Barn as I call it kind of feels like home to me now. I know the fabulous staff and I know the lighting inside and outside the barn, I know the process between ceremony, dinner and the dance, I know the timelines and the atmosphere.  Most of all I know what amazing moments take place there everytime I am lucky enough to shoot there.

Paige and Cory's wedding certainly lived up to the magic.  Paige has such great taste in everything. I noticed it first at their engagement session, then the Save The Date arrived, then the invitation, then when I seen her gown and her bridesmaids gowns and the mens suits. This was a beautiful wedding. All the details were perfect, the favors and programs and beautiful flowers. The centerpieces and gifts and jewelry. Everything was gorgeous. But most of all, it was the couple. The smiles, the jokes, the jumping on the bed (yep that happened) and the happiness and the ease of being together.

Paige and Cory have been together for 6 wonderful years, she said they are the first of their group of friends to get married and they really paved the way.  Jason (my husband and fabulous assistant) had a wonderful day spending it with the Parsons! 

Ok, it's time- please enjoy the photos!

105C4647-2 storyboarded-15 105C5074 storyboarded-11 storyboarded-21 storyboarded-20 storyboarded-12 storyboarded-13 storyboarded-16 storyboarded-19 storyboarded-17 storyboarded-18 storyboarded-40 105C4854 storyboarded-3 storyboarded-4 What a gorgeous, perfect little wedding party- love it! storyboarded-8 storyboarded-9 Don't forget Sophia! she was the "paws of honor" and did walk up the aisle! storyboarded-7 storyboarded-36 storyboarded-35 105C5430 storyboarded-10 storyboarded-38 storyboarded-28 storyboarded-27 storyboarded-39 storyboarded-25 storyboarded-22 storyboarded-23 Congrats Cory and Paige Parsons! I loved working with you on your fabulous wedding day!!! 105C5548


  1. EEE!!! What a GORGEOUS wedding! I love it and all of your photos!!! amazing work!

  2. Such a lovely wedding. You captured it beautifully!