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Heeeeey Friday! Glad to see you, Today's One Frame Friday features a couple of my favorite people, Davey and Rachael, 
A while back I had this vision, in the upstairs of a friends old house she was renting was this room with this amazing window light and something inspired me so strongly. Later that night I went to a birthday party with my husband and sitting at the bar were these two and it hit me like a ton of bricks...this couple, that room...MAGIC.  

I love taking their picture and they happen to be wonderful friends of ours.I know I am a broken record when it comes to talking about my connection with people I photograph. I am actually friends with most of my brides and love to watch their families grow. AND although, I LOVE to shoot weddings and be with couples on their big day I do miss "normal life" in the summer. I miss out on some events, time with family and friends. I carve out a lot of time for the ones I love but I do miss things from time to time.

Do you know what makes a happy, inspired Photographer? Time off, a break, a breather, a little downtime.

SO....This weekend I am off! and I get to celebrate this couples little man's 1st birthday, I am so excited for a weekend off and a shred of family normalcy. Looking forward to watching my kids run around and play and my husband bs-ing with old pals and I get some good old *me* time. 

Happy Happy Weekend!

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