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It's Friday! Another night of family relaxation while the batteries charge for another wedding tomorrow.

I was emailing back a new 2014 wedding couple today (Yay! Ashley & Brandon), and I got to thinking about my inbox and the gateway that has become for me. I hear from 95% of my wedding clients via my inbox. I usually never know, met or will meet or even speak to these couples on the phone before the wedding if they are as social media savvy as me they also like to communicate via email. 

So my Dear Inbox, please continue to connect me with couples I absolutely adore, Couples who love to have long online conversations and talk all about their lives, hopes, dreams and their wedding vision. Brides who send me little random emails here and there with one line messages like "I bought my dress today" or "what do you think about this, or that".  Couples who are more excited to be married than just the wedding day. Couples who invite my family along, the gesture is beyond thoughtful. Couples who treat me as a friend and not just a vendor. Couples who are fun and silly and who like me for me. Couples who want real moments captured and not recreate others. Couples whose ideal date night is beer, pizza and a movie. Couples who want to dance under the stars... yes- Dear Inbox, please keep sending me those couples.  

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