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When I started Photography I was like 11 and every since then I have been in love with photographs of any kind. I was the kid with the camera, then the teenager with a camera, then the college-age friend who always had photos of "that one time". It just grew and grew but it's been a long journey, sometimes draining, sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating. I don't claim to know everything about photography, in fact I swear I learn something new with every shoot so my journey is far from over.

Why do I offer mentor sessions? I found I love to teach when I started at Western Tech a few semesters before baby # 2 arrived teaching a camera & composition class. Teaching others was really fulfilling and simply fun. I paved a shortcut for some beginning in photography. It will always be a long journey for anyone in the industry but I want to help, I love to network, I love to share what I have learned and what I found works and doesn't work. And honestly, I had very little help along the way, so I want to be there for the beginners and give the help I wish I had got years ago. If I had this opportunity 5 years ago I would have jumped on it. Any interest in mentor sessions please Facebook or email me :)

Basically a mentor session is a day of talking shop, anything and everything photography from camera modes to logos to blogging to comparing yourself with others, to finding who you are to post processing. Abby and I talked and talked and I had a style shoot set up to get her out and shooting. It was a perfect day and I couldn't have been happier to spend it with Abby. 

Special Thanks to Shannon & David our models, and Wild Apples for the jaw-dropping bouquet and headpiece, they always go above and beyond for me and I highly recommend them for any occasion, tell them Dani sent you! 

So here's some from our shoot.... storyboarded-7storyboarded-8 My sis is cute, and as stated above, (little more background) she has been modeling for me since she was 7...yes 7 years old when I used to make dresses out of white sheets (our grandparents owned a motel) and I would pose her and my cousins and snap shots with my Kodak 110, needless to say Grandma isn't surprised I do this today. She also was my first model when I decided to get real about photography again 5 years ago. Her support has gotten me a long way. storyboarded-13 storyboarded-16 storyboarded-14 storyboarded-3 storyboarded-11 storyboarded-10 Oh Abby, my only hold back with you is I think your too pretty to be behind the camera! storyboarded-15 My take on photography is you can have money to buy equipment, or you can read every manual/book on Amazon, you can take every camera class, composition class, online class or workshops you can find but in the end you also have to *have something special* to succeed. You have to have more than money for equipment or read up on the latest this or that. You have to have more than skill, you need vision, strong convictions and an inner talent, craft or *eye* for photography.I think Abby has that something special inside her, keep up with her work here : ABBY CLEMENTS storyboarded-17 storyboarded-19 storyboarded-21 LOVE storyboarded-18 storyboarded-20

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