One Frame Friday | This boy

My abuse of the "one frame friday" continues. Surely you'll forgive me after all it's my blog. But I promise you this, it will return to One (only one) Frame Friday, very soon.

Why so many pics again? because this post is a personal one and it's dedicated to my now 2 year old boy Cooper.

This boy. storyboarded-27 This boy laughs at me when I say "no" to him and then I have to look away or I will bust out laughing. storyboarded-29 This boy is a walking wrecking ball, a nusance and giving us a run for our money, he also gives the best hugs and wet kisses to make up for it. storyboarded-28 This boy makes me laugh harder than any adult has ever made me laugh. storyboarded-31 This boy is gonna break some hearts. storyboarded-26 This boy has my whole heart for my whole life. storyboarded-30 Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby boy. I can't believe it's been 2 years. 

He's really found a place in our family as the "clown" and the tokan "cooper did it" line. I always tell his big brother that even when he is naughty, or clumpsy or silly- "that's Cooper and we love him for who he is". 

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